PRO Patches (50 pairs)
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PRO Patches (50 pairs)

Misencil is committed to helping eyec are professionals throughout their journey and throughout their services. Exclusively, Misencil PRO Patches are the first professional patches with mapping lines. A true fabrication innovation, the pink lines arranged along the entire length of the patch precisely follow the eye in a circular arc, providing incomparable precision for lash extension applications.

Compatible with a fine felt-tip pen, you can directly and easily write down the selected lengths to efficiently advance throughout your applications. Detailed mapping will allow you to achieve the chosen effect without hesitation, a time-saver that should not be neglected and also a new source of creativity initiated by a multitude of examples freely accessible on our website.

Also, PRO Patches are suitable for all skin types thanks to their silicone adhesive material and their adherence is absolutely perfect throughout the application.

Box of 100 (50 pairs)


Remove the protective film and apply to the eye contour area on perfectly cleansed skin.

Write the selected mapping directly between the lines with a fine-tipped felt-tip pen before applying lash extensions or lash lift. Single-use patch. Complete the application with a SENS or FLEX patch on the upper eyelid.






Pre-indicated mapping

Adapted to sensitive skin

Improved adhesion

Suitable for lash lift and lash extensions Easy to reposition

For lower eyelids only.

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