Disinfecting Tray
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Disinfecting Tray

The eyelash extensions implies health safety since you work with the eyes of your clients. Maintaining your equipment with the Misencil Disinfection Tray will help you prevent and eradicate the risk of infections.

Made of durable resin, the use of the tray helps disinfection of work tools, will decrease the spread of germs and contamination. Adopting rules and procedures of hygiene puts your customers in safety. You will establish with her a relationship of trust, for her well-being and for yours as well.


Remove any visible debris or glue residue from the tool and rinse with running water.

Fill the container with the sterilizing solution.

Place the tools in the casing and close the lid.

Complete immersion of the tools for the period prescribed by the manufacturer of the sterilizing solution.

Remove the tray from the casing and rinse the tools that are on the tray with distilled water.

Allow the tools to air dry or dry them with a sterile cloth, and store in a sterile area until ready to use.


22,5 cm x 13,7 cm x 7,60 cm (8.6 in x 5.11 in x 3 in)

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