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Adhesive Remover – Express Gel Formula

Removes eyelash and eyebrow extensions without damaging the natural eyelashes or brows. Effectively and gently removes adhesive.

Bottle of 15 ml, in gel form.

To purchase our lash remover, you must have an eyelash extensions professionnal account. You can request one.


Sit client for removal procedure. Apply patches following the usual technique, being sure to affix plastic tape to the fabric. Using a micro-brush, apply gel from the base of extensions to the tip. Completely cover all eyelashes or eyebrows and extensions.

Wait 5 minutes and then remove extensions with a mascara brush and/or straight tweezers. Carefully clean eyelashes or eyebrows with Misencil® make-up remover and rinse.

If eyelash extensions are applied after old ones have been removed; use it the Misencil® shampoo before applying new patches and lashes.


• Avoid contact with the eyes. If your client gets remover in the eyes, immediately rinse with lukewarm water for 20 minutes or until the chemical is fully removed. • Protect the client’s eyes as you would when applying eyelash extensions. • Keep out of reach of children.

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