Glue For Lash Lift
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Glue For Lash Lift

Misenlift Eyelash Enhancement Glue is a high quality, clear, non-toxic glue that is used to hold the enhancement pads on the eyelid and also allowing the natural eyelashes to hold on the cushion.

Dissolves easily for painless removal of the eyelid with oil.


Apply the glue in the inside portion of the enhancement cushion before attaching it to the eyelid.

Hold in place for 20 seconds.

Apply the glue on the top of the enhancement cushion and fold down the lashes to attach them to the cushion. (do it in section)

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La meilleure!

Elle colle vraiment bien et reste apr?s avoir appliqu? les lotions ? lashlift. La colle se conserve mieux que la majorit? des autres colles que j?ai essay?. Ma pr?f?r?e!